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Saturday, February 28, 2009
Malacca Trip
malacca night river view...
Finally.....!! I am done editing my blog... seriously blogspot..!! not easy at all..... its super complicating. okay.... Malacca Trip.... went with my zi muis, we board the bus at 8am reach malacca around 10am. because we couldn't check in, we have to carry our luggage around. the most cham want i think is me cause my is a carrying luggage n theirs backpack. anyway, went to eat the famous chicken rice ball 1st(picture can be seen in xl facebook). our very 1st and definately far from the last meal.... then we went around the historic city, took pictures, visited the st paul's church where you can make a wish and it'll come true. aftertat, back to jonkwer street for CENDOL..!!!! SUPER COOLING SUPER DELICIOUS CENDOL..!! let me describe.... imagine, the hot weather of malacca, cool down by the spoonful after spoonful of crushed/shreaded ice. on top of that, u get the sweetness of the very original thick sweet aromatic malacca sugar and harmonise by the sweet and refreashing coconut milk. A combination made in heaven.... thats just the beginning. Digging deeper into the shreaded ice layer, u'll find cendol and read beans buried at the bottom. the pure satisfaction of everything combine is enough to make you cry...hahahaah...really...!!!! okay..... then we checked in..... the 'hotel johan' not those 5 star super nice hotels but enough for us to stay a night. clean, cozy and comfortable.... at a reasonable price.... then we head back out to mahkota parade(shopping centre). walk around for a while the eat again...this time is mee sua(oyster mee) not really a fan of oyster so kam ate my shared, i only tried the mee. then we head back out to jonker street to "sei ngan keong" - 4 eye keong for tong sui.... after reasting for a while, LOKE LOKE here we come...!!! we walk all the way to the place.... oh..!! i forgot to mention that out onli way of moving around was walking... poor legs...!! after eating loke loke we had to walk back, n the good news was that it was raining....!!! get to play under the rain..!! awesome...!!! heheheh... the onli bad thing was that the rain wasn't big enuf....!! bought some street food on the way n went bac to the hotel to clean up.... came back out n sat the viewing tower thing.... then went to see lantern... jonker street was kinda quiet that day.... probably cause of the rain.... even the pubs weer quiet. after buying some dim sum n ping tong wu lou... we went bac to the hotel to chat....

next day we woke up at 7am, clean up then went to mcd for breakfast, choi yee's mum got into an accident so she had to rush back. then we went to 'cheng ho muzium' really very interesting tour bout malacca history. bought some souvenier then went bac to check out.... Then we went for nyonya food.......!!!! Chicken rendang, sambal ladies finger, otak otak, asam fish.... superb...!! hahahhaha...... then i ordered desert...sago desert.....!!!!! i duwan to describe d..after u all drool on the keyboard.. :P then it was back to kl....
mahkota parade
mahkota parade

thats all.... pls leave comments. thanks.... n guys...sorry bout the game...... nvm lar... u did ur best then can d...... cheer up.....!!! :)

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