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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
zen's farewell

okay....it all started on......friday... right...?? my memory damn teruk d.... hmm.. okay... so we(pv,xl,wk,stef,n me) went and bought yang shan's present.... acually we wanted to buy something normal... keychain..hehe... but counldn't find any nice wan.... then somebody thought of boxers...! (not me ah...!)thats how we ended up getting 2 boxers..... but like very plain...so we got lipstick and started signing on it.... tis is our final product... hehehe
Then we put those in.........(look below)Went to McD to get the paperbags
damn got feel right...??? hahahhhahha...
saturday morning...woke up, went to get some steamboat stuff in 'Segi'....not college..its the name of the place.....things there quite cheap.... we manage to fill up the whole trolley..!! ahhaha......
oh...that day was 'earth hour day' also.... of course i switch off the lights.. i din even switch on my bathroom light when i was bathing.. so i din close my toilet and room door....... make sure i told everybody so that nobody will accidently walk in...and....then...faster mandi kerbau...hahhahahha

sunday morning went market to buy someore stuff...then rush home..keong fetch me n pik yee to jusco to buy jelly, and other ingredient.... me , wk, n keong went to kah kee house around 4pm...then we started working..!! peeling cutting, chopping, boiling...u name it......

me washing n cutting kangkong
Pik yee peeling 'ma tai'
xiang ling......... doing nothing
before the steamboat started, we change into our dresscode of the night (school uniform)
hahahahahhah... n took some pictures.
dunno wat pose
Lala style...hehehehehhe....find me???
monday went and watch 'my bloody valentine' with kt, keong, gj, seah, n wk.. supose to be 3D but dunno y end up 2D onli..... but ok la... not bad... some part quite geli... that pv watch the whole movie behind the scarf..... damn funny..!! hahahhahhahaha......

tuesday morning.... went to the airport to escort yang shan out of malaysia..... at 1st we all were quite cheerful..laughing n all.... until its time for yang shan to get on the plane... everybody was so sad.. some cried... shhhh.. i wont say who.....
yang shan n his escorts

We will all surely miss him, his silly jokes, n his 'lin' face.. take care

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

9:24 PM

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
yalar yalarrr.....
u ppl keep rushing me....!! okay... 1st of all..... the zombie story.. really stopping it.... i have written other parts but i really feel that the story die d.. (i'll take part 7 out, sorry KT) so i'll create a new wan, new story n all... character... maybe let u ppl in lar.....any idea what to write..?? love story...?? hee...stay tune.... and yang shan's farewell + gathering party.. those who din know... here's the deal.. rm10 per person, tis sunday (29th) at kaki's house.....starts at 7pm.....okie..? oh..!! i'm geting baptist on april 12th..! me..!! baptist..!! hahahah.. shocking....... my mum wanted to..... i'll try n get some pictures of me in water..hehe....... okay.. what did i do since the last post...... sing k..! didn't pick any songs myself but i had fun lar...!! sing ppl's song..!! hahahaha...... for more detail go see seah or wei kee's blog.. wei kee's wan better.. cuz she got puji me.....hahha.. :P monday went for badminton with wei kee, ling, seah, kam tze, keong, n stupid-can-throw-into-dustbin-stef... hmm... we should do that more often...fun wat rite.. n healthy...! tuesday... went pasar malam sri petaling wif keong, lip, n oscar (lip's youngest brother) i ate uncle bob...... after so long i still think that's 1 of the best pasar malam food...... hot, spicy, crunchy, aromatic, tender, freshly FRIED CHICKEN......hehehe... then went over to lip's house to watch wwe...... i haven watch for so so so so so so long... I use to watch wif dad every week.. then act out the scene with my cousins...damn fun..!! hahaha...... wednesday.. ntg much.... kam tze, keong, wei kee, ling, n seah came over to my place to hang out...... we ordered DOMINO'S PIZZA (1-300-888-333) hehehe.... they came right on time so no free pizza..... damn it.. :P listen to some songs... they...had a few rounds of pillow fight....childish right...hehehhehehehheheheh....... they went home around 6 something.... and.. today..! juz came back from morning dim sum + chinese tea session wif ling n seah... our own small girls onli session... quite full..! n really not bad lar.. the fried prawn row and chee cheong fun, and prawn dumplings....the shop name...erm......neh the wan opposite yellow shop wan..... thats all for now.. don't say i lazy liow ah...! hehe.... ~tata~~~

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

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Monday, March 16, 2009
matta fair
hmm...... i seriously don't know what to write about.... went to work at matta fair last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.... for those who have tried working for fairs probably know what i meant when i say it was tiring....!!!! damn bloody tiring..... thank god this year i manage to sign more package then last year.... so more package = more money..!! hahahahahha..... (keong, yl, zen,kah kee, xl, n seah cannot ask me to belanja d ah..!!) the others can.. but dun wan expensive wan lar...!!!
hehhehe.... after 2 torturing days, it was finally Sunday...!! i was so happy..!! i started giving out fliers in the morning, full of energy, shouting prizes louder then the opposite company, like "shanghai 598!! cheapest around"..!! hahah... how dare they snatch my customers... at 1 point we were all so high till we started selling ourself "xiang ling 188 3 days 2 night free and easy" hahahahah.... so u can imagine we were all kinda cookoo d... after a lot of standing and talking, oh..!! n 1 aunty ask me weather i'm a boy or girl... =.=lllllll swt...!!! dun misunderstand, she said cuz the opposite booth got a guy that looks like girl...sooo... but stiilllll za dao...then matta fair was finally over..!!! it was 1 of our staff's birthday.. so somebody bought a cake and we celebrated his birthday at the end of the fair. it was those kind of sponge cake with tons of cream smeared on top.... i just couldn't resist playing with the cream so i rub some over daphne's face... wrong move..!! she got me like 100 times back... rub cream over my hair...!!!! yucksssss....... and then the cream fight started..... ahahahhahaha...... after tat we went to Steven corner to celebrate the end of matta.... with my super oily n sweet hair... lip came n join us... came back home around 12.30, took my bath then slept..! i missed 2 weeks of my church class...!! that means my free buffet have to wait another 2 weeks more... argh....!! speaking bout church.... take a look

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

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Sunday, March 8, 2009
Nice view..??? that the view u get from the top of broga hill aka bukit lalang..... started our journey at 3pm....reach there around 4pm... then we started walking up.... walk n walk n walk.... seriously like its not gonna end.... damn tiring...!!! poor ling had a little problem getting to the top.... next time follow us jog more yah....hehehehheheh..... the feeling up there was the same as the last time.... satisfying n breathtaking. i reach 1st wif guo jing... then seah n kam tze came. later i went back down to join keong n ling up.... seah n xiang ling took tons of pictures..... maybe u'll get to see it in their blog later..... after reasting for a while, me, guo jing, n pik yee went and climb up another small hill beside, to a huge boulder on top...!! damn hard to climb..!! guo jing had to pull us up.... then we started shouting and all..... me n guo jing ada eco but pik yee...hahahahah... weakk.. :P getting down wasn't easy oso...!! haha.... then we join back the others n started out journey back.... that was worst... i mean for them... dunno y i suddenly become orang asli = = it was quite steep n smooth.... my toes started to feel it 1st..... then my knee.... hehe.... next stop....!! drinking stall in broga town...... its a small town n u know wats the most amazing part......?? ppl from that town riding motorcycles wif no helmet n t-shirt.. i know i know... normal wat... no..!! their riding pass the police station... with police standing there...!!! nobody catch nobody look...!! super swt...!!!!!! hahahahaha then came back home.. now my body already starting to ache...... when wana go again ah...!?!? hee...


"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009
A trip to Zombie town (part 7)
Loong ko

"We can finally go home now," I whispered in my heart. I dare not to speak it out, we lost
five of our good friends in that cursed place.
I can feel the rain while we're up here in the chopper over the 15 stories building.
I could see thousands of the mindless undeads swarming over Yee Luenn's corpse in the drizzle.
I couldn't bear to look for another second. I closed my eyes, it's been a long terrifying day,
not to mention it's tiring.

"Hey, Loong! Are you alright? You're frightening me" I heard Xiang Ling's cheerful voice
from my side.

"Oh, I'm fine, I'm just resting my eyes" I answers half-heartedly.
As I focus my view to the front seat, I saw Kam Tze's maneuvering the chopper with Yang Shan
at his side, with the manual in his hand. Probably studying it.
I could hear Pik Yee was weeping with Jacq comforting her.
Once again, I closed my eyes, I've earned my good rest. Sparks falling from the top of the chopper
startled me, the whole chopper was turned upside down the next second.

"Ouch!" was the first thing I said after I woke up. I was the last to wake in the group,
I must've been real tired. Questions filled my head, "What the hell happened just now?"
In a split second Desmond answered my question like he'd expect me to ask the question.
"Kam Tze got fainted from all the blood lost, and our chopper got entangled with electric cables."

"What a fall, luckily we're all still alive," I answered him. I notice Kam tze sitting beside him with his pale and tired looking face.

After resting for a while, we gathered to plan our next move. Lip and Jacq already went out to scout the area earlier. I'm hoping they'll find something. Yang Shan and Des had already plan to walk back to our cars to collect some food we brought along. None of us had anything in out stomach since morning.
finally felt like continueing...heheheh
Written by Kam Tze :) . stay tune for part 8

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

11:01 PM

A trip to Zombie town (part 6)
I can't take this anymore, my wound hurts, the shotgun felt 10 times heavier now. but i have to go on. i don't want to die here, let my mind and body get taken over by this sickness. I don't want to become like Wei Kee. I could see Xiang Ling and Pik Yee beside me, too tired to shoot anymore, Desmond and Yang Shan trying to cover for them, and lip... what is he doing....?? Don't tell me.......

"No NO....!! lip...!! come back......!! are u insane........!!!??" i shouted. too late, he was rushing pass the zombies towards the access. what was he thinking??

"I think his trying to close the access... that will definitely stop this freaking horde" said Loong ko. It made sense but his really fucking foolish.. pulling out a stunt like that in such critical time.

"Just keep shooting guys, and will someone please go and protect him, we can't afford to lose another member" I was panicking,Yee luenn still couldn't get the chopper flying, we were all dead tired, wounded. Kam Tze's losing more blood the more we delay.

"We're on it" replied Jason and Loong ko. Rushing towards lip without hesitation.

"Yes....!!" I could hear Yee Luenn's triumphant shout behind me, a new spark of hope flared up.

"we'll lift the chopper up and let the ladder down for u guys...!! hang in there...!!"

"hey, the numbers of zombies are lesser now.. i think Lip did it....!! His a genius.....!!" said desmond, enable to control his new found hope and excitement. shouting over the sound of the chopper.

"Still think i'm insane......?!?" said lip, suddenly appearing beside me.

"Yes....!! but it helped... so..... good job.......oh shit....!! ur wounded....!!!" I could see scratch and bites on his left arm and chest. "Get up the chopper..!! quick..!! we'll handle this mess....!!"

Keeping the zombies at a distances was easier now, everybody was pump with a fresh hope of survival. slowly 1 by 1 ppl started climbing the ladder, Jason, Yang Shan, Loong ko, Desmond stayed back a little while to helped Xiang Ling up before climbing up himself, I was next, all of a sudden, i heard screams from under me, i look down to see a zombie dragging Pik Yee away, i quickly scramble back down the ladder, follow by Desmond and we both started shooting toward the zombies, more and more were crawling towards her until all we could hear was her muffled scream. Somebody ran pass me..... YEE LUENN....!!

"Whose controlling the chopper...!!" i shouted after him.

"Kam TZE....!!" that was the last reply i got from him, i guess seeing his beloved dying from up there was unbearable, he dive towards the crowd of zombies, trying to free Pik Yee from their gasp, Only to get caught together.

"Love sick fool" mumbled Desmond and he too ran towards the horde shooting. he pulled somebody out. PIK YEE...!! she laid there motionless. God, please don't let her be dead. I rush to her, she was covered in blood but she was breathing,covered in wounds but alive,she'll make it.. i quickly pull her aside and helped Desmond, there were now only a handful of zombies left on the roof, which me and Desmond pick off easily, i could see yee luenn from where i was standing, His blood flowing everywhere, his left leg got chewed off, and blood was flowing out from his mouth. we didn't dare touch him, afraid than we will steal away his last few remaining breath

"Jacq......Jacq........" I turned around to see Pik Yee beckoning towards me, I rushed to her side.

"Bring me to him...Please....." she beg. I slowly lifted her and walked her to where Yee Luenn lie. He could barely speak but we could see that he was trying to get some words out

"I.......love.......you......". I could see tears flowing out from her. Mouthing the words, thank you over and over again. Than she lean forward and kissed him. with a smile he exhale his last breath...........

I could hear pounding on the access. "We've got to leave, Pik Yee i'm so sorry" Slowly me n Desmond help her up to the chopper. Everybody was quiet, mourning the death of out very dear friend. "does anyone has a cellphone" ask lip. i heard him dailing.
"hey, avril dear...i'm alive and i love you"
I'm trying to put all Ur demands that's reasonable in... thanks for reading and supporting. remember to drop a comment or 2...
"in memories of keong, wei kee, the 2 strangers,n jfree"

Y2K - im the first read it!!! XD

JACQ - bluff again....!! read b4 commenting lar....!!

PIK YEE - wat la...
is me....im d 1st 1

PIK YEE - wat la....atupid jac..
u reli accept ur lip's suggestion ><>< style="color: rgb(102, 204, 204);">LIPBOY - i am the first reader this time!!

LIPBOY - hoi!!!!
y u all so fast de?!?!?!?
damn it!!!!

PIK YEE -i was reading part 5 jz nw
then suddenly c new post...wahahaha...

LIPBOY - yalor...u all should read b4 put ur comment mar....liar!
eh...weikee...i thought u and keong wil~zai yi qi~zai yi qi??!
hahahah...god!! help!!
i am keeping my laughter so so hard ...cant laugh OUT LOUD in the office...damn!!

ARGH!!!! yl damn syok larr tis part xDDD
then lip oso imba..play lure wid zombies >.<" eh lip called avril...its like the part in shaolin soccer when 'tin kai' called his wife to tell her he love her jus b4 he is goin to b the goalkeeper for shaolin team xD hey y dun hav jaq n lip kiss geh? thought lip saved our lives? so u hei shang abit kiss him for all of us larrr LOLOOLOLOL y got keong de conversation de? i thought he died? cuz in previous part he oso disappeared mar xDDDD he found scroll of town portal from 1 of the zombie eh? ;'p
LIPBOY - too bad wei kee...my idea is way more creative than u..bleuk!!! =p
hehe...by the way, yeelun & pikyee's part was so damn romantic..if i were pik yee sure i love jfree

he was the "hero"!!
yeelun, for u, muackkssS!! (L)

LIPBOY - pik yee i L*ve u too!
yalor..i thought that keong mati d de
y suddenly??

DESMOND -walao suddenly so many comment liao de? LOL i thought im the 3rd to comment >.<" sot zombie fans larr all of u xD
JACQ -hahahhaahaha... i duwan to kiss him....!! :P keong was a mistake.. i change it d... the phone call is his own idea....

Y2K - i support pik yee idea lo... y at last lip n jacq no kiss one oh? y got avril come out one oh? not fit in tis story leh... RMK!!! RMK!!! hahahahaha XD
WOOT!!! kiss oh pik yee n yee luenn... NICE!!! XD

PIK YEE -jac..i thk d last part shud be...
"does anyone has a cellphone" ask lip. i heard him dailing.

"hey, avril...i'm alive....and sorry.."
"i finally found my true love....she and i had gone thru alot...hapiness & sadness....live and death....her name is Jacq"
"dont worry...she is ur fans too... we wil bring our kids to ur concert nx year...hope u can giv us VIP seat and discount by that time..thanks for all the free CD and ticket u gave me last time. i will never forget u..bye"
after he hang up...he turn around and look into jac's eyes...
and then finally spill out the three words that he wanted to say long time ago....
"Jac...i love you..."
Tears well up in jac's eyes...
and she reply "i love u too..."

***THE END***

ini baru story...

JACQ -hahahhahahhahhahhaha.........!!! genius....!! bravo bravo......!! next time when u write a story u slowly use lar hah....!! juz enjoy ur moment wif yl....!! :P he haven read but i'm sure his reaction......ahhahahahhahahahahhahah

Y2K - lolzzz... ya ya... pik yee one more nice lo.... add it in ur story!!! MUZ!!! XD

PIK YEE -i oso keep laughing...
i try super hard 2 make myself calm down....
i was in I.T. class....

JACQ -ur head....!!!! not nice...!! hehehehehe....... hahahahahha.... walao. in IT class oso check out my blog.. *tears* after ur fren tot u gila gila..hahha

jacq..belajarlah dari pik yee..ini baru cerita

JACQ -aiya.......!!! wanna teach me how to write....!! should hav kill u off des.. :P

DESMOND -even u kill me i oso can comment geh marhs xD
jus like KEONG who is the FIRST to DIE!!!! =)))))))))

PIK YEE -hahahahaha....
is a boring class...everybody doing their own stuff behind d screen..lolz...
des-*HIGH 5555555*

LIPBOY -hey jacq...wan to GAN BEI that weikee not???

>yee luenn
good story....100% \m/

Y2K -jacq one also nice... but pik yee one should combine into jacq story... then is the best aD... XD

LIPBOY -keong so pity,
jacq said keong was a "mistake"!

DESMOND -eh lip u go work larrr gan wad bei? xD

Y2K -hey... i spawn in the small room ad... same wif yee luenn... QUICK QUICK COME BACK SaVE US!!! XD

LIPBOY -woi keong!! what jacq's one pik yee's one waikee's one...i don understand leh
tick here too!!! wooohoaaa!!!!

JACQ -GAN BEI...!! GAN BEI TO PIK YEE OSO...!! AND YEE LUANN..! mayb 1 day we really gan bei at their wedding hor lip.. :P

LIPBOY -like in the first part...des!! shut up!!

DESMOND -yar yar yar keong nice one xDDDDD RMK RMK RMK!!!!
jacq dun say keong 'was' a mistake pls!! later his parents come find u LOLOLOOLOLOL

Y2K -haiz... who call i too close wif u n u kiss wei kee forehead tat day... so jacq let us die first lo... hahahahaha XD

LIPBOY -yayayayay totally agree jacq!!!
that one not gan bei...that one cALLED YAM SING!!!

Y2K -we spawn jacq comments till 100 k? hahahaha XD

LIPBOY -hahhaa...damn funny lar keong u!!! hahah...beh tahan d....stomach very pain!!
jacq...seriously...mayb u should RMK..
this time ...make des die gao gao...!! k?!
wait...!no.. don remake..make it two different ending..hehe...the another ending...make yl lives and des die!! hahah

DESMOND -wa keong u still rmb arrr? LOL
no wonder jacq wan u n wk so fast die larrr... SADDDDD =(

JACQ -omg...!!! tis bunch of aunties.........!!!! i cant keep up wif the comments....!!!! calm down ppl...!! yes lip.. yam sing...hehe..... rmk ah.. dun hav energy d..... dun talk nonsence keong...!!

LIPBOY -jacky...seriously!!
ur too good to be a blogger..
u beat lord of the ring 1, 2, & 3!!
the nominees goes to.......
trip to zombies town 1 to 6 by jacky!!!!

standin ovation!!!

tis is the 1st n 2nd page of the comments, for the rest of the comments, go my old blog... or u all wan it all here.?

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

10:18 PM

A trip to Zombie town (part 5)
Am i dead already...??

If yes than i think I'm in hell cause I'm hurting, and the pain is becoming more and more unbearable. Like somebody is pouring fire down my arm.

"I think she's gaining consciousness... hey jacq.... can u hear me???"

It's that lip's voice...?? can't be.. i thought they left......

I slowly open my eyes and all i see is darkness, i tried to look around but the pain on my right shoulder prevented me from moving any further. As my eyes slowly got adjusted to my surroundings, i took in the bodies all over the floor, died zombies..... blood everywhere... i could see pik yee, sitting not far away, looking at me.. thank god she's save and Xiang ling sitting beside her, covered in blood.. was it hers..?? i hope not..... and wei kee........... wei kee..... i'm so sorry..... i gasp in pain as the pain shoot through my shoulders again, i bite back a curse and look to my right.....

"Lip....?? why....? i thought......???" i was so confuse.....

"shhh...let me finish with the wound 1st... stay still..." he ordered

"I didn't know you knew first aid or whatever is it your doing...??"

"Okay..done...." he smile with a smirk on his face. he help me sit up, that's when i saw Yang Shan and Desmond.

"U guys too.....!?!?? why....!?!?!"

"We felt guilty, so we came back........." explain desmond... I could hear lip coughing beside me and i stared at Yang shan

"okay... he felt guilty and came back.. we ran after him.....we came just in time to see zombies rushing into this room,than we heard scream so we rushed here and just started shooting, i thought we were too late, when we found u, you were already unconscious " Yang Shan finally admitted.

"Still.. u guys came back......!! thanks...!!" i was so full of gratitude.

"and jason here was really helpful with his supply of medic kit" said desmond

"Jason??" Xiang Ling asked

"The young stranger," explain lip "both his older companions..........." after the long pause it was obvious that we were down by 2.

"Are u good to walk...we need to meet up with yee luenn they all, i think they haven left yet, we could still make it...c'mon, i don't want to be left behind" urge Desmond.

I slowly stood up, the pain wasn't that strong now. We slowly made our way towards the stairs, i could see traces of fresh blood at the entrance.. maybe 1 of them got hurt too... slowly we made our way up the seemingly no ending stairs, i could hear the engine of the chopper, their still there... we quicken our pace. The sound's getting louder and louder..above that.. gunshot..??

"I think their being attack...!! we've got to help... load up your weapons guys...." shouted Yang Shan.

Weapons were loaded in no time, we rush through the roof access door and the guys started firing immediately. Xiang Ling and Pik yee hesitated at 1st but as more and more zombies started rushing towards them, their survival instinct took over and were soon shooting for their life. i tried to shoot as many as possible with my wounded right arm. How many are there.....??? This is crazy.....!!

All of a sudden, Pik Yee started screaming.... i look around only to see her pointing towards a zombie. "It's Wei Kee.....!! It's Wei kee......."

Oh My God...!! Did she turn into a zombie....!?!? no..!! this can't be....!! how...??


I could hear Yee Luenn shouting on top of all the noises "shoot...!! she's not Wei Kee anymore....!! kill IT...!!"

"I can't i can't, how can i shoot her......." Sob xiang ling.

I could see the zombie getting closer and closer to them, rushing towards them without hesitation.. and than it stop and fell to the ground, Jason was standing few paces away from it, gun pointing towards it.. he shot Wei Kee.... The numbers of zombie were lesser now... I could see Kam Tze shooting from the chopper, Yee luenn and Loong ko no far away. We rush toward the chopper and scramble up.

"Get this thing flying Yee Luenn...!! quick...!! I got a feeling another horde is rushing up right now....faster.....!! plead Loong ko..

"Me......!! Wait... I.... I need to read the manual...!! Give me some time.....!!"

"we've got no time...!!" shouted Desmond...

"Don't rush me...!! just let me concentrate guys....!!"

"Too late............ here they come.........." announce Loong ko.

"Oh....!! DAMN IT...!!Everybody...! defend the chopper..!! its our only hope....!! Kam Tze, pls help me with this....!!" ordered Yee Luenn

We climbed back out of the chopper, weapons ready. we have to protect the chopper... with that gone we are as good as dead. Never ending zombies came pouring out of the access, there were so many of them, will we survive this, the sound of gunshots were starting all over again... no time to think, i must concentrate to stay alive.........
Pls leave comments.. it really helps to get me started on the nxt part..hehe.... and i added lines for you desmond, don't merajuk yah.....hehe...

YEE LUENN - i m d 1s readder!!

KAM TZE - no u're not

Y2K -
pity pity wei kee... kena killed by zombiesss then kena shot pulak... later she saw it jacq be careful la... hehehe
explore inside the chopper... maybe got pipe bomb leh... XD

love yLuenn's part~ hahaz~
can wkee reborn? tat's sad...

yes onot yee luen.. u purposely type cmment 1st b4 finishing izit....!!

YEE LUENN - wow...i m end game hero ?
noe i important den good pls

Jaq dun wan to offend wei kee..so she put a 'jason' inside to prevent any 'friendly fires' going on xD
hey when keong became smoker or tank?? xD
keong surely need a super imba villian character pls ;)
then jason saved xling...and they got together in the end xD

YEE LUENN - w,kee bcame witch n keong bcoming witch doctor
zai yi qi , zai yI QI , ZAI YI QI

JACQ -hahahahhahaahha.....!!! y all wan romance hah.....?? duwan cannot kah...... accually i put des as the 1 that kill wei kee.. than change it..hehe

KAM TZE -lol, orang gilak..

LIPBOY - hhahawuuwhahahaha.....yeelun u damn "FUNNY" pls...i was laughing my pc in the office..everyone thought i gila punya later..hehe...
yalor...zai yi qi ! zai yi qi ! hahaha...damn funny!!!

and....jacq, see!!? healin u has proven that i am not a dai siu yeh..kkeeke..
hoi/?? when only des mati oh?
and when yl rescues pik yee then got PK by whole gang of horde?
(jacq, pls make they kiss before yl could stop his heart beat)keke
k?? ^,< style="color: rgb(51, 204, 255);">
JACQ -ahhahahhahhahhaahha........!!!! okay okay....!!!! i'll try that scene in the end...!!! not bad not bad... pik yee...!! for u... muahahahhahahhahahhahahhahha........ high 5 lip...!!

JACQ -oh..n des.. i a bit kasihan him..still thinking wana kill him not...some suggest duwan let yl take glory let him save py than fail, mati, than des take over.. :P. any last suggestion b4 i start..??

Y2K -zai yi qi ur head la... -.-
erm... yesterday yam cha say ad wah... jfree say pik yee then sendiri die lo... hehee

LIPBOY -yyayaya...i was thinking the same thing too keong..should let jfree save pik yee then himself die..then make pik yee sad...
suggestion: when yl going to save pik yee..he got bitten by the boss of zombies. then we all killed that king zombie..then all the other zombies died.then yl is dying..pikyee go forward hug him + hold his hand..then yl gonna turn into a zombie..then they kiss..finally he turned..but he still has feelings..wont kill us..so we brought him along...
in conflusion~~YI WOR WAI GUAI!!

LIPBOY -waikee & keong too...zombie human loves...hahah...
i am so damn evil!!

jac jac..y i stil human?
i oso kena bitten wo...
ada cure tak?

ac n lip oso shud be together after "dao dao zun zun"....
u 2 hug and kiss in d chopper after successfully escape...
then oni realize u love each ohter deep in d heart....

DESMOND -if lun become zombie but wont kill us..then its some sort like underworld liao pls...then lun can transform to human n zombie form anytime...hybrid geh.. then lun wil b more imba liao pls..
aiyo lip want so many love scene..then let him b wid jac lorrrr xDDDD
at last yl & py, lip n jac, n keong wid wkee, xling wid jason...
or lun bcome zombie liao...but then he saw py..so he help us fight back those zombie..but zombie king he cant kill..so he sacrifice himself to kamikaze wid the king...so = yl save all of us...more imba LOL

wei kee = zombie...
waiting for part 6...
i think tank should come out at this moment...more chi gek^^

JACQ -hahahahha...des... ur very.....!! ridiculous...!hahaha..... i'm the writer so i can determine weather i get love scene onot...hehehehehehehheh

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

9:48 PM

A trip to Zombie town (part 4)
Slowly, we tread through the darkest corridor I've ever seen in my life.
The sound of water dripping can be heard echoing from the darkness of the building.
The beam of light from our flashlight is the only thing that guides us in this god forsaken
"Becareful, there no knowing what is it in the darkness that awaits us," said Lip.
We remained silent throughout the whole corridor in fear of disturbing those rotten dead bodies.
The six of us stumbled upon the end of the corridor with a door that leads to the endless stairs beyond.
It was rusty iron door closed shut.

"I hate stairs," Yee Luenn complains. I can't find my humor to smile though.

Little did we know that an undead was behind the very door I'd die to go through.
It's deadly grip caught a hold of my leg, I was so stunned that I forgot I had a handgun.
I thought I was done for.

"Get off!" I heard Yang Shan screamed and shot that zombie in it's head.

I felt a sharp sting at my right feet, one of the shotgun pellet made it's way into my ankle.
All of a sudden, I don't felt like moving anymore. The pain on my leg is unbearable,
like a thousands of sharp needles being pinned into my ankle bone.
Fortunately, Loong was there for me. He helped me regain my balance while remaining his cool.
Yee Luenn, the former member of the scout club back to my school days, tore off his long sleeves
and wrap it around my ankle hoping that it'll helps to stop the bleeding.

"Many thanks, I can feel it's getting better already," I said. Yee Luenn just smiled, letting out a sigh.

Seeing all these happened to me, I saw Lip's emotion began to change.
Frowns can be seen on his face.
Lip began to felt guilty leaving the others behind after all we've been through.

"I'm going back to help them," that was the last thing I heard from Lip and he ran through
the rusty door back to where we came from. Yang Shan and Desmond reluctantly followed him.
"We'd better get the chopper ready when they comes back," I suggested. Loong and Yee Luenn agreed
after a few stare through that rusty door hoping them to return to us.

We were all panting heavily upon the roof access from all the steps.
Loong opened the door and there's indeed a blue chopper on the helipad.
The cold night winds are strong here on the top floor. I can see nothing outside of the building.
It's pitch black. Yee Luenn managed to get to the chopper first while me and Loong are still
halfway through. My whole leg is starting to feel numb. Yee Luenn starts the rotor and turned
on the headlights, we were surprised that he knows how to operates a chopper.
Seeing our surprised face, he lifts up a tiny book.
"Pilot Manual, god knows who left it here, but it sure helps alot."
Suddenly, I heard someone's pounding on the roof access door that we closed just awhile back then.

"It must be the guys, they've made it!" said Loong with a smile on his face.

He rushed to the door when I was on the rear seat of the chopper resting, while Yee Luenn on the
front seat studying the manual.

"Holy hell..." I heard Loong's faint grunt covered by the roaring sound of the chopper's rotor.

Loong ran like hell towards the chopper while letting out a few shots behind him using his
assault rifle.
A whole horde of enraged zombies were right behind him.

"The chopper's rotor sound must've attracted them!" hypotized Yee Luenn.

Without wasting any time, Yee Lueen let out a few shots towards the horde hoping to stop them from advancing.
written by Kam Tze. Thanks....! :)

Y2K - lolz... part 5!!! fast!!! hahahahha XD

YEE LUENN - i luv this characther. kamtze, Is tat yl ur real life frend? so envious u go such imba frend
he got truesight (reveal d chopper),
purification (healing kamtze) ,
rearm (innovative engineering) ,
n degen aura (stoping zomb reaching loong)
jz like a combination of tinker n omni xD
gay till max d end game hero!

hahhahahahhaha....!!! y la suddenly puji sendiri...!! perasan....!! hahah...........

yay.. some1 coming to save me ad.. haha
ai yo.. yl.. tat's in story only.. haha
in reality... hmmm....xD

uh... damn perasan

LOL!! Damn EMO sia! hahahaha...my character jus appear 1 time..jus b a follower >.<" Part 55555555555 pls!!!
this characther.... really lebih DUH...
no dialouge, no action, no camera !!!

DESMOND - !!!!!!!

ok la sorry la des

hahahahhahah.... poor des.. u should write a few more entry kam tze......

write des die in d folowing scene meh can lol...
"gon shao jieng giok"
kamtze...can can b d hero tat sacrifice in saving ?
add this part in pls pls pls

JACQ - hehe... y u ask kam tze.. he duwan to write d....

lol. yl.. in ur dream sure can.. xD

aikss...type less jor...
actually wat i mean is...
go back save py n her gang ...but he die in d rescue

kam tze, i double strongly agree with u that we should write yl turn back to save pikyee then got killed...hehe..must be damn interesting..
thatLEBIH des should die also...haha...bleuk

LIPBOY -by the way yee lun u damn perasan nia...haha...nia nia nia...

JACQ - hahahahahahaha..........!!! all wan des n yl to die.... tsk tsk...

why suddenly yee luenn becomes the hero?

limited character here....heheheh

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

9:29 PM

A trip to Zombie town (part 3)
I could feel my thigh burning from exhaustion, my lungs struggling to keep the oxygen flowing, and my heart beating against my chest....!! i wanted to ask how far more must i run. I can see the building, somehow that short distances felt like miles.

"We're here, we're here... keep Ur voices down" the young guy whispered.

We slowly crept through the main entrance. darkness everywhere. Something stinks in here and it didn't help that i was gasping for air from exhaustion. i could hear growls. It wasn't loud, but definitely audible. I was frighten, hands shaking. we slowly made our way up the stairs. i was calculating every floor we pass. 1st floor.... 2nd floor....3rd floor... 4th......5th...

"Shit...!! its block!! we've got to use the stairs on the other end" Said 1 of the older guy.

We opened the door out to a dark corridor, The stench was so much stronger now.

It all happen too fast for me to fully gasps what happen. Wei kee's frighten scream!! Growls everywhere....Doors banging...ppl cursing...and than all hell broke loose... gun shots were everywhere...!! scream came from every corner.. i din know what to do...!! i could hear pik yee shouting "help help..jacq, help me" i turn around and saw a zombie biting her by the leg, my instincts kicked in and i started firing towards it...!! i could hear its ear-piercing scream and than it lay motionless on the floor... i quickly help pik yee up and look around. Some of us were already wounded. blood were everywhere. Right now, those black blotches outside being blood din really seems that ridiculous to me anymore.

"Is everybody okay...?? lets keep going, we can't afford to linger much longer, they know we're here..!!" shouted the stranger

"Oh my god, we're not gonna make it.. it hurts to even walk.." i could hear wei kee complaining..

"no no wei kee, pls don't give up now..c'mon, just hang in there...we're gonna make it..pls pls...." i was practically on my knee begging her. i just wanted to get out of this curse place.

Xiang Ling helped Wei kee and let her lean against her, i tried to help pik yee to reduce the pain. she was still bleeding.

"lets go lets go..!" i coax

"no no, wait, i think i hear something....... yes.. its in this room....."whispered Keong.

"Arghhhhhh....arghhhhhhhhh....!!!! help....!!"

"no....!! keong...!!"

"sumbody pls help him....!!!!"

"Just shoot...!! pls help him..........!!!"

"nooo........ noo....."

"what.? what happen...?" i asked...

and the only answer i got was "we lost a member". silent overtook everybody as shock took them in.Kam tze broke the silent "we have to keep moving...!!"

"noo... i really cant do it... u guys go without me... i cant.. i cant... pls.... i cant...."

"no wei kee..pls... u can't stay here... u saw wat happen to keong...pls... don't do this!!"

"no no.. dun force me....!!"

"WE'RE leaving...!!"

"huh..!?!! wat..!?? no no.. kam tze wait, lip pls don't... yee luenn, we cant abondon her..pls come back....omg..wei kee pls come....!!" i begged.

They was now only 7 of us... the guys all left except for the strangers. i didn't know what to do. and wei kee refused to move.

"Wei kee..!! behind u....!!"

The shooting mayhem started all over again. I need to save her.
It soon quiet down and we were too late, her body layed there, lifeless. We could hear more growl coming... we made a run for it but too late.. they were coming from all side..too many... we choose a room to hide in, the growling grew louder and louder... above the sound of the growl..we could here the sound of the chopper... i guess they made it. all hopes of them returning for us vanished. crack appeared on the door... i could hear screams.... and than it all went blank..

I got this 3 part of story from my dream... conversation is mostly made up, i can't really remember that clearly. but the main storyline is base on my true dream.. thank for reading and comments are welcome. btw. somebody can pick it up at the boys side.. wat happen after u all left us... i'm giving out the copyright..hehe...

Desmond - *PUFFFS* dono where i disappeared to xD

Y2K - lolz... jacq, lei hou yeh... hehehe

JACQ - des-hehehe.... with the survivors....keong- sumbody has to go...!

Y2K - at last u how liao leh? lolz

JACQ - died lar..

YEE LUENN - will pk yee turn into boomer?...or wei kee turn into a witch ?
they both infected d ! die ZOMBIESSSSSS

PIK YEE - wow...jac...u reli geng!!
i read all 3 part at once....
interesting....u definitely can be a good journalist
btw,y must i kena bite ?
and where is ling?

JACQ - hahhaha... in my dream u kena bitten mar.... and ling.... got wat..help wei kee there.. aftertat stuck in the room wif us lor.... ahahhaha...

KAM TZE - let us guys continue the saga? haha
you're getting lazy in this part...

XLING - ai yo~ girls all die ar?? T.T
yealo. kam tze continue boy part laa..

YEE LUENN - jacq promise mi she going cont this zombie story ^^
thankx to mi PLS

PIK YEE - yalo....kam tze..
u r another good story man

JACQ - i am lazy....!! hehe...

PEI VOON - jacq~ dun b lazy~
plz continue it....^^

LIPBOY - hahha...keong got grabbed by smoker..haha..pity keong..
I SUGGEST yeelun should leave there company pikyee and suck out the blood on her wound. keke...yee lun right horr??!

JACQ - =.= i duwan let him perasan later le...!!

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

9:09 PM

A trip to Zombie town (part 2)
"This place gives me the creeps" pik yee said...

"yah..me too"

"me too..!!"

"There's nothing here, how bout we gather and discuss our next step??" I asked

I could see that everybody was getting nervous. it 8pm now, darkness all around us..

"Okay, what now..? anybody brought food and water in their luggage?? its getting pretty dark so i think we should just stay by the car and wait till tomorow. than will go home... how bout that? " I was trying to sound optimist. i don't think i succeeded though. Everybody was so quiet.

"okay, how about another plan than?"

"No, i think i'll stick with jacq's"

"Thanks keong.. so...?? anybody else??"

"I think we should walk around, c'mon, how often do u get to spend a night in an abandon town, This could be fun!!" suggested kam tze, being the adventurous 1.

"yeah, c'mon, don't be such a wussy!!" yang shan sounded really excited now.

1 by 1 everybody stared agreeing with the have-a-look-around plan. So i tag along, i definitely don't wan to stay by the car alone.

There were no street lamp, the only light provided to us was the little rays of moon light the clouds had allowed to peek through.Nobody really talked. Too afraid to talk. i cold feel myself shivering, only half from the cold wind. Most of the shop were empty, empty shelf,empty rack.I wonder what happen to the town, why would people just leave, i was trying so hard to not let Desmond's theory affect me. Sometimes i thought i felt eyes looking at me through the windows of the shop only to look and see nothing.

"hey, i smell smoke... do you...??" asked loong ko.

i stared sniffing the air and it definitely did have the smell of smoke.

"Maybe its somebody else!! maybe there's some other ppl here...!! let's try finding them.." suggested Yee Luenn.

It didn't take long for us to find them. their pillar of smoke wasn't hard to spot. 3 guys were camping around the fire. 2 of them look to be around their mid-40 and the other look very young, probably our age. The 1st things that caught our eyes were their weapons, stack up in a pile. why do they need so much weapon for.....??? the young guy spotted us 1st.

"Whose's there....!!?!" he shouted picking up his shotgun. Alerting his other 2 companion.

"Hey hey, don't shoot, i think their not infected" said 1 of the older guy to his companion and than to us "who are you ppl, why are you here??"

"We got lost...." somebody answered. i wasn't paying much attention to what was happening.

Something else caught my attention. Something was crawling out from 1 of the alley behind them. I couldn't see what it was, too far, too dark... instinctively i grab the person closest to me and shouted. All of a sudden, 3 of the stranger grap up their weapons and started shooting....!! I could hear growls and shriek....screams from behind me. what was happening...?? what are they shooting...?? As fast as it all happen, it ended, those strangers stop shooting, and the growling stopped.. the strangers beckon towards us. Picking up weapons from the pile and shafted it to us.

"Quick..!! Its starting..! no time to lose...!!" shouted 1 of them.

In no time, most of us was already stuffing bullets in our pockets, bags, any available space, some were taking brief lesson for them on how to use the weapons. we were all confuse but we somehow knew we must be ready for something.

"There's a chopper on top of that roof..!!" pointing towards an old 15stories high building...!! we've got to make it there...!! or will die here, eaten alive by those bastard zombies...!!"

"Zombies....??? what.....?? is this for real....?? i asked.

"No time for explaining, we've got to get moving!!"

Y2K - lolz... we meet bill, francis them too ah? hahahahaha XD

YEE LUENN - jacq ... DONT forget to bring along d medic kit...
n dont forget tat toilet always is d best painkiller supplier ^^

DESMOND - when hunter n boomer coming out? pipebomb n molotov pls come out xD

JACQ - hahhaha...!! tis is not left for dead lar... no boomer no hunter...!!

KAM TZE - i thought we need to summon a rescue first haha

JACQ - not left four dead.....!

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

8:43 PM

A trip to Zombie town (part 1)
"Is everyone here already" i asked, looking around to make sure i've not left anybody out.

It was a cloudy day, heavy clouds hung in the air, looking as though rain is going to break through anytime. I hope not, because it will only ruin our trip to Port Dickson. After much planning and delays, i finaly manage to get it right for everyone.They were altogether 11 of us.. We girls were so excited we practically pack our bag 1 week before hand.

I was scanning around when Kam Tze shouted across the crowd at me."Where's Wei Kee..?"

"I don't know, probably late as usual" which was true, i can't get though to her the whole morning, I hope she's not planning to ditch us. I was starting to get a little worried.

"She'll be here, don't worry...just relax and enjoy the trip" pik yee assured me.

"How am i not to worry!! I said 3pm sharp...!! look at the time..! its almost 4...." I know I was gonna lose it if she don't turn up anytime soon, we can't wait forever.

"She's here she's here...!"

Xiang Ling was right. I could already see her from where i'm standing, relief washed over me, too relief to even scold her.

"What's all the fuss about..?? she asked me innocently

"Nothing nothing, let's just get going already... Where's the drivers,Yee Luen, Keong, and Lip..?"

"HERE..!!" all 3 answer at once.

"Wow,okay... get the car ready..! Desmond, Yang Shan.. your with Yee luen, load your luggage there. Kam Tze and Loong ko! Keong's car. Girls..!! lip's car..!!"

"Somebody's cranky today......" I could here Yang Shan mumbling

Its was getting real late and we're right off the schedule. Somebody had to be the bad guy, guess it's me this time. After all that, we finaly got moving. There weren't much car on the highway that day, just a few scattered all along the high way. The 1st half of the journey pass by in seconds, everybody was over excited, singging along with songs on the radio, talking about what-to-dos.and than the radio started to blur out, bad reception on the highway as usual, and we were running out of topic, soon some stared falling asleep, it didn't take long for me to doze off too....


What are those voices.....who are those girls calling me

"Jacq!!! wake up wake up.....!!!"


"Jacq, i think we're lost.....!"

"What..!!??? lost..!??! how....!??!" i was fully awake now, i could see the guys outside from my window, all around us was buildings, long abandon buildings, empty street....old shop houses. We were at a petrol station, or whats left of an old petrol station. I don't like the looks of it. It somehow gave out an eerie vibe. maybe its the blotches of black paint over the wall, it gave me the impression of died up blood. 'don't be ridiculous' i keep thinking to myself. this is not a horror film. its reality..!!

"Where are we?? how did we get here..?? hello..?? anybody wana answer me....??" I ask, looking at Wei Kee's blur face I'm guessing she had no idea too.. so i walk out the car. "hey guys, any idea where's this??"

"No idea" Keong said. "Not even on the map"

"Than why not get bac out the highway?"

"We've tried... can't find it. i think we're stuck or lost" This time Yee Luen answered me.

"Maybe its like the movie.. where 1 group of friends get stuck in an unknown place and they all get murdered....1...by....1...."

"Shut up des, thats not helping...!!" its seriously wasn't, it was already getting dark, we're stuck in the middle of nowhere, no place to stay. i really hate this.

"Okay, okay...everybody juz calm down...." it was lip this time. "Why don't we drive around the town, check it out or something. its better than standing here complaining. by the look of his eyes i knew he meant me...

"I was not complaining..!! let go...!"

We all got back into the car and started roaming the town.. it wasn't big, we keep coming bac to the same place.like we were turning circles

"HEY..!! i think i saw sumthing..!! ling shouted from the backseat.

"What..!! where..!??!" i ask nervously.

"Erm..i can't see it now but i swear i saw something moving over ther, something in a shape of a human" she said, pointing toward an abandon saloon...
to be continue....
YEE LUENN-my name is yee LUENN pls...btw...i noe wat u wan pls ^^
i prefer S.k|yIp m@n , kukumalu , vader , n samseng lol

JACQ - kk...sorry sorry... i haven gone through it myself..i'll correct it later...

DESMOND - Y m i is the 1 who kena shut his mouth? innocent pls!! n wers my copyright fees?!

xLING - walao!! nice 1 jac!!
is getting so gan jiong...

Y2K - lolz... don know is who too addicted to l4d now leh... hehehe
-n... SHUT UP DES!! hahahahaha XD


YEE LUENN - i read this blog 4 times edi ...
i edi prepare my shotgun...ROCK n' roll

JACQ - hahahhaha...!! wow..thanks for the support guys....!! stay tune for part 2 and 3

KAM TZE - I'd stay tune for part 4 too, c'mon

JACQ - u guys are so demanding..

YEE LUENN -5th time i reading this article d....
jacq ...u cr8 a new era of bloggin

LIPBOY - get armor and weapons then get going..=__=

JACQ - walao yl...got onot.....!! haha.. next time i print our for u, u stick on the wall yah...!! hehehe..... next part lip

i tot u guys might wana keep the comments too :)

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

8:19 PM

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