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Friday, May 22, 2009
the war of Serdion (part 2)

Desmocus, and Lipius.

Desmocus slowly and anxiously walk through the hallway leading to Lipius courtroom. Sky high pillars, ceiling carve with pictures of ancient beauty, victorious war, and the portrait of Lipius himself. The hallway was quiet, only his slow foot steps were audible. This was the 1st time he felt the fear of meeting with the almighty. Finally he arrived at the door to the courtroom…high huge doors, guarded by the best gate guardians u can get in the kingdom. A small pixie like girl stood beside the door, upon seeing Desmocus, she rush through the door. “the informer, Lyra” thought Desmocus.

“You may enter now, my lord” said Lyra in her high pitch singing voice.

“Thank You”

The interior of the courtroom was decorated with tall white marble statues of former rulers, staring down at the occupants of the room. Daring anyone to commit injustice. And at the far end of the room was Lipius, sitting all high and mighty in his throne of pure white marble, his smooth and fair skin blending into it as if one. He was truly born to be god of all god.

Desmocus. My loyal comrade. I’m so glad to have you on my side“ said Lipius, his expression unreadable.

“so am I my lord. May I know the reason of this meeting my lord” Desmocus asked, trying his best to hide his fears.

“I think u know, my friend. What do you think I should do?? He said. Slowly walking toward Desmocus.

“i……..i……. please forgive her my lord!! PLEASE!!” getting onto his knees, begging for his mercy.


“I know..but she’s my daughter..!! please…!! She’s my only daughter!!” beg Desmocus

“I hereby declare that Vickylione, goddess of love, and daughter of Democus and Heiddylion banished from the kingdom of the gods!! Never ever will she step foot in this glorious place ever again!!” declared lipius.

“NOOO..!!! NOO..!!” shouted Desmocus


And that was Lipius last order. Democus was filled with anger towards Lipius and grief for his daughter. And at that very moment, 1 name cross his mind. Kamtzecious….


Ok…next episode next week…..des wan be bad or remain good..? go against lip or work wif lip? J

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Friday, May 15, 2009
The War of Serdion (part 1)

There was once a land called Serdion which was rule by the great and mighty Lipius, the god of the Sun and his mate Bettywyn, the goddess of the moon in a kingdom above Serdion. The other god, goddesses, elf, dwarf, human and animal, answers to them, all except for one evil god, Kamtzecious, the ruler of the underworld, the leader of the dead. Who was once the guardian of souls in the realm of god but he was always envious of Lipius for gaining the heart of his beloved Bettywyn and plotted against Lipius trying to take over his kingdom. But Lipius saw right through him and banish him from the realms of god. From that day onward, his has been waiting for the opportunity to overthrow Lipius by sowing hatred in the humans, sending plague, and monsters to terrorize the people of Serdion. His effort however was slow and unsuccessful, the people loved their gods, and the gods loved Lipius. Until 1 day when Vickylione, the goddess of love and also the only daughter of Desmocus, the god of War and Heiddyion, the goddess of Peace feel in love with a mortal. The gods were allowed to duel among the people of Serdion, however romantic relationship was forbidden in the realms of god and Kamtzecious saw this as a great opportunity to crack the bonds of the circle of gods.

Vickylione and her servants in the Forest of Katelus .

“if Desmocus and Heiddyion ever hears about this my lady, you will be in so much trouble. Is it worth it??”

“yes..!!! he is the love of my life, I’ll rather be taken before Lipius then not see him!” Said Vickylione sarcastically. “but if father hears about this, I will assure you that both of you will be fed to the dragons.”

“Our lips are sealed my lady……..”

“I’m sure they are, enough talking, he’ll be here soon, make sure he passes this way” She said quietly, quickly arranging her hair and then gracefully sat on a rock beside the track.


“My lord, my lord… can you please help us…. our lady had accidently hurt herself and we need to be home before dawn, could you please help??” plead the servants.

“In the name of Lipius..!! bring me to her at once..I’ll see what I can do” said the man, sounding genuinely concern.

“Right this way my lord” said the servant, turning their backs towards him to hide their smirks.


“Are you alright my lady??” he said, walking towards her and all of a sudden, stopped a few steps away and started staring dumbly at her upon seeing her beauty, as no mortal women could ever compete with the beauty of the goddess of love herself.

“Thank god you found someone” she said politely, controlling her urge to laugh, knowing her plan is right on track. “ I think I hurt my ankle, can you please have a look at it??”

“if I might my lady” gently examining her delicate ankle.

“May I know the name of my savior..??” she ask flirtatiously.

“I am Guorin, son of Kiannon of Mauland, I’m no savior, just a kind hearted hunter. I think you will be able to walk back now, it doesn’t seem that serious” he said politely.

“oh…thank you. You save my life. I hope I’ll see again Lord Gourin” flashing him her winning smile before walking away.

However this whole incident wasn’t going to be unheard of, Pheivior, the goddess of Nature was roaming the forest when she saw what Vickylione did and tried to warn Desmocus.

Desmocus, Heiddyion, and Vickylione in the kingdom of gods.

“HOW DARE YOU BREAK THE RULES AND SEDUCE A MORTAL…!!!!!” Shouted Desmocus. “If Lipius ever hears about this you will be banish and you will be force to live underground like that foolish Kamtzecious..!! what were you thinking..!!!”

“How did you know..!!??” she asked, leering at her servants who shook their heads nervously. “ Father I love him…!!!”

“You’ve got to stop this RIGHT NOW..!!!” burst Desmocus.

He was about to punish Vickylione when a servant ran into the room.

“My lord, a message from Lipius.” He whispered

I was so bored then suddenly I saw an post on ancient greek myth so tried to make a story…hahahhahaha…. lip, u sure kiss my feet after reading this... ahhhahahahhahah......In case not clear enough. Lip is lipius, xl is heiddyion, wk is vickylione, py is bettywyn, pv is pheivior, gj as guorin, ho wai kian as kiannon, kt as kamtzecious. Dun blame me for the names….who ask u all some no eng name some eng name so cacat..hahhahahah…enjoy

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009
life update
okay...update liow...... really got nothing to write marrr... cheh...... erm..my uni life have just started this week...... so ppl...if u all wana find me, don't find me on monday, tuesday, and wednesday... i'll probably be too tired to go out..ohh..!! n sunday night...hahahaha...... UCSI. hmm...not bad lar....... interesting class and i got xiang ling to pei so not lonely..... hahahaha....went to visit pei voon at leisure mall during lunch break......the traffic around leisure mall area really super crazy...!!! jam here jam there, here one way here no entry..... argh...... ehehe...and parking also hard to find....erm.... you see people..really nothing much to write, oh..~~ went and watch 'wolverine" that day.. not bad....!! but i still think that x-men 1,2,3 is better, less talking more action.... ^^and we're going to the funfair at bukit jalil tonight...so i'll update that in a while..... my song of the week "Diana Krall - Just The Way You Are" a jazz song sang by a canadian 40+ years old singer, i like the flow of it, soothing and all..... okay...thats all...... i'll update the funfair post...promise....take care and have a nice day...^^

oh..!! and i wana intro my cousin's........meng meng.. u ask me upload u ppl punya picture..but nvr giv me pic so have to curi from fb..lei lei wan is old pic...nvm..last time more handsome..hahahhhahahhahahha
BB, my 2nd aunt eldest son
Lei Lei, super annoying 1st aunt youngest son
my youngest uncle eldest son, meng meng
and his brother wai wai(macam baywatch)hahhahahaha

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