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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
happy birthday to me~
I know i know... so long onli update mar... sorry larr..... my assignment is piling up like crazy..!!!!
now i have 6 more to go..argh...!! so...forgive me...hahaha.... my birthday celebration started on Friday. we (lip,keong,kah kee, jin yow, pei wen, pei voon, xiang ling, choi yee, wei kee and me)
went to little tree in kuchai lama for dinner + me n lip's birthday celebration. oh..!! and also pei voon's farewell dinner, she's gone studying in kedah. they gave me this super weird card, which was accually the catalog for "travel kl" = = hahah...still i know they put a lot of effort in making my card as special as that sooo...thanks..... and they also gave me a purse. my style wan!! hahaha..so i liked it very much..
erm..i also got a crystal necklace from mr guo jing who din attend my celebration due to exam. oh.!! today last day hor..!!! congratssss....^^
i got keong's 1st present that day also, which is a ring. if u see clearly maybe can see words engrave inside.

you notice i said 1st rite..? heheh....went out wif keong saturday. we went to sunway, had dinner at T.G.I Friday and then went for a movie (night at the muzuem) i know, very old movie but i still wanted to watch that. after everything, we walk back to the car and..... he gave me...

~THIS~~~~~!!! HAHAhaha....


flowers.. ^^

i got this on sunday, he forgot to bring.. hahahaha

and then i celebrated with my family..on sunday... we went to mid valley's chillis!! the food was good..!!! but then service....hmm...spoil my dads mood a little. i din have a whole cake this year, onli a slice of chocolate indulgence from dad and donuts from friends... but its okay... i eat sumore i think i'm gonna burst d...hahhahah...... thanks everybody for celebrating my birthday. happy birthday to lipboy oso.... he still owe me present, i tot wan wait for his oni upload but he damn slow larrr... so i'll show u wat he gave me in the next post ^^

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

3:55 AM

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
A Glimpse Into the Pass
I know you all are waiting for a story.... i'm so sorry.... i can't write when i'm not in the mood... as for today's post, i want u all to allow me to let a little of my emotion flow out... I was sitting in class today, thinking back to the time of 6 and pieces. tea session every friday, happy moments where we trust each other to bits n gossip bout everything, laugh till we drown out the sound from the mamaks, and then they were no more 6 and pieces. we were 7 or 8, sumtimes 10 sumtimes 11. happier..?? yes..no..?? all the gan bei's and lame joke, all the new adventure , new friendship, new trust. Those happy outings till midnite, funny n exciting da gei session, movie time, gatherings, mata kerbau's,funny parties organise by the funniest.. and then things change... some leave, feelings get mix up, friendship turn sour, cracks appeared...who started this curse...?? i don't know... but all were still good... broken but still good.... then lightning strikes...who's zeus?? nobody knows for now... disaster is everywhere now. who to save who to abandon? what to do? can somebody juz come and give me orders? i don't wan to control my mind anymore... can i put it on autopilot mod?? when will tis storm yet?? who will be sacrifice?

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

4:14 AM

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