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Tuesday, August 25, 2009
hey...here is some random pictures to show u all wats on wif my life last week.. 1st. check out my operated hand. i went and got the stitch remove and this is what is left of it. sorry picture quite blur.. but good for u too...cuz see clearly quite wui....anyway i think it looks like a mini flower(from far)..hahaha
Okay... the next picture...... Baskin Robin's chocolate fondue~~~~~~ i went to eat wif my sis and her friends on wednesday.....looks pretty hor..... go try lar...not bad...ice cream very nice..and they put alot alot alot of nuts in the chocolate... so u get cold ice cream, warm thick choc sauce and crunchy nuts
okay...next up will be pictures for thursday.. i went to sunway in the morning to do a little shopping. ah keong accompanied me...heheheh...willingly... we went and ate our early lunch at "Pasta Zanmai" i know u all like zanmai sushi... but u should go try out pasta zanmai too....quite...special..and the food really not bad...!!

1st pic is....... the hot green tea. i like the cups..very cute

2nd is my order..the......... erm..... hamburger and mushroom pasta... hehe.... very nice.!! the tomato pasta sauce very tasty.... very full bodied and creamy oso.... i know its tomato sauce but got a hint of cream or maybe cheese ^^ and then the hamburger.... tasty, juicy, meaty...wat else could u ask for...a perfect piece of hamburger meat... hee..of the mushroom.... blend perfectly wif the pasta sauce.....

3rd pic...this is what Keong ate... Teriyaki Chicken something.. simple.... but ah keong sick so cant eat other.. poor thing.. but still taste good wat..heheh
and thne we went over to 1 utama to meet up wif xl, py, pv, wk, ah lai, and lip. poor pv hurt her big toe..... we went to new york deli and is was wat we called. see the pink drink? that wan nice..!! hehehe....

after dinner we went to for a movie.... erm... or 2..... i watched G.I Joe before everybody else and they wanted to watch that...so no choice i have to watch another.... so me n wei kee( she teman me..so good) went and watch "the proposal" romantic movie..and the dog in the movie... damn damn damn damn cute..!! can anybody tell me what breed ah..?? me n wei kee keep Aww'ing.. hahhaha.....

okay...finish wif that.. next 2 pictures is the product of me and my sis.. miss stef. both of us were seeing tv..then suddenly she say wana bake sumthing... after suggesting a few..we settled wif chocolate tart... we went to jusco and bought the ingredient and started.. then pastry was made 1st...then need to rest it.... oh..ah keong was there..he was...like stef maid..hahahhah..... then i went to mcdonald for kam tze's birthday gathering that i know ntg of.... went there onli know..hahaha...came bac home then started making the filling.... the tart was done around 1.30 AM... ^^ then have to wait for it to cool down enough to be put into the fridge.

chocolate tart in the making

:) That's all for now.. bye~~~

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

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Monday, August 17, 2009

sorry for not replying comments, i din even open to check cuz i was super duper busy. sorry eli. i'll email to u. So as u all know, my parents went to Europe for a few weeks. We send our father to the airport on Friday ( 7th august) and of course, we ( Me, Stef, Vi, and Keong) celebrated out freedom by goinG to Asia Cafe on saturday ^^ we sat down and ate pasta and a few other junk food before going to out next destination. " Snow Flake" . I was already damn bloody full but stef and vi insisted on going..... = = anyway i din eat. that bowl belongs to keong, i borrow only...hahhaha... and then i went for my operation at HUKM to get rid of the abnormal lump on the back of my left hand. the operation was..... hmmm.... painful at 1st... after the anestatic sets in, you really cant few a thing. I couldn't see a thing oso, they cover everything. the first few days after the operation, my hand swell like a pig. seriously my fingers were like sausages sticking out of a paper wrap. here the pictures

and then i had to go to the clinic to get the bandages undone, wash the wound a little and wrap it back.

not that swollen d rite? i think HUKM wrap it too tightly edi. now its recovering and tonite i'm goin to the clinic to wash it again and also... visit the handsome doctor...hahahhahaha... next time u all sick hor... go clinic hope :P sunday morning, monday or tuesday morning. hahhahahhahahha

Went to Jin yeong's 21th birthday on Saturday. we gave her products from The Body Shop.

Tomolo will be my last day of examination and after this will be my SHOPPING time.!! wooohoooo...cant wait..! haha...

okay..thats all for now... byee

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

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