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Friday, October 8, 2010
It was soooooooooo weird!!!!!
i had the wirdest dream...!!! so weird that once i woke up i rush to pc in case i start forgeting...!!

okay... it started out in someplace...i think i was a bus station. stephanie, vivien and my cousin bibi needed to take the bus to go somewhere.... in my dream....you need a card to get on the bus and 1 card can onli be use by 1 person, but they tried to be too smart and use 1 card for 3 person...the police caught them and took them to court. they were charge rm999.99. hahahah...anywaY... that wasn't the best part....

anybody that has been charge by the police has to report to a place... a house in the middle of nowhere. we were the first to arrive. other than us, they were other maids and workers at the house. before we step in, we heard somebody scream from inside the house!! we ran inside and saw a dead body being pulled into 1 of the rooms.One of the maid said that it was her room and wanted to go and see what happen but when she open the door, i could see a women standing behind the door waiting for her...!!! because her mirror was at the wall facing the door and my angle was juz right....so i shouted at her not go in but she didn't wan to listen...and then she nvr came out again.

We started panicking because we do not know what happening. and more and more people were arriving. then a guy from the house came and told us he think the vampires has come to attack us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN i heard my phone ringging( i remebered it was keong =.=)... it was charging on a table beside the room....i was afraid that the noise would attract the vampire so i ran and tried to turn off the phone. that was when the maid walk out of the room with the vampire...!!!!!!

they started attacking people until more n more vampires were created. then they took over the whole house and we humans were keep in a room a food source........ when its meal time, they would ask somebody to come in a pick a few humans to drink. it feels like people choosing chicken in the market...!!!! anyway, 6 to 7 people will be choose each time. my dad, mum, vi, stef n me wasn't choosen yet. one time, they walk in and choose 6, and afer that said it wasn't enuf and need 4 more..!! a few more people were pick and one of them was RAYMOND!!!!! THE RAYMOND FROM SECONDARY SCHOOL.....!!! hahahhahhahhahah!!!! and my mum..... :( that was when i woke up.... but i keep thinking bout the dream that when i fell back to sleep it was related...!!!!

i was no longer in the house, stef, vi, n my dad weren't beside me anymore and with me was a few guys and girl that are armed with weapons. One of them told me that we need to shoot the vampires when they were juz created. once they mature we cant hurt them anymore. so we went to one of their nest and waiting for a few to leave and hunt then killed the others.then we stood and waited for the rest to return. after a while, they came back but my sniper frens did not fire... one of the vampire spotted me and he was too far for my shotgun to reach. I shouted for help and that was when all of us started to shoot. but they were all mature vampires so we could shoot them. so we tied them with chain and stuff them into a car. we drove for miles on a road at had hills on both side, not high hills but high enough so that we need about 10minutes to run to the top.

i felt tat somthing wasn't right so i ask them to stop and check on the vampires and they were loose..!! they started eating few of my frens and i was stuck in the car.....!!! in my dream, i know that this whole thing will end at 3.18am. i dunno why... that time the clock in the car indicated that it was 2.45!! at the same moment, a bus crash right beside us and the vampires cheered cuz more food has arrive, but the people that walked out were vampires too...!! and the were the people from the house...!!! they started walking towards us.... when she was about to catch me, the clock turn 3.18!!! and all the vampire started sigging n dancing like.....the ending of high school musical.... and the dead people were back to normal =.= i ran up the hill and then woke up!!!


"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

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