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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Self Sacrifice
It was story time and the old witch was gathering us up to tell us the story of the day. She ask me to sit beside her so that i will be able to hear the story better. it started off with "Long time ago, our city was attacked by a an army of evil forces.............While they were finding for a place to hide, a girl came out from nowhere and pointed them towards a dark secret room.................... In order to save the city and their people, the novice risk their life to save the master so that he will be able to come back and rescue to nation once more"

After the story was told, she look at me with her piercing blue eyes as if she was trying to tell me something. All of a sudden, the sound of the emergency gong boom throughout the kingdom. We rush our to see what was happening. From the balcony, we could see some of the houses from the outer circle were on fire, smoke were flowing out from their window and people were screaming.(BTW, the setting of the place is like Arabian/prince of Persia type, mud building and Conan like clothes) As we were just novice, we were not allowed to go into the city to help, we had to stay at the monastery and help the guards.

From my position, I could see a group of people rushing towards the monastery blowing things up on the way. As they got closer, I instantly recognize the 3 three leaders in front! They were our brothers that had just graduated from being novices. One of them had the power to turn to ice, the others had the power of fire and speed.The were killing people and blowing up houses as they slowly make their way towards to gates. On the guards orders, me and the other novice start showering them with attacks. Mine was to ability to create ice.

Even though we outnumber them, they were still gaining on us and in minutes, they manage to enter break into the monastery capture some of the teachers and kill most of the novice. I was hiding in one of the room. Outside, I could hear some footsteps approaching the door. I gathered all my remaining power and got ready to blast the hell out of that bastard. But when the door was flung open, it wasn't the enemy, it was the master with one of the junior novice (the master was the Gong Sir in the Laughing gor series!!! and the novice is Jodie aka Madam Jo =.=) at that moment, i remember the story the old witch told and i knew that i had to protect the master no matter what's the cost.

The 3 of us ran up the sacred tower. At the top, a girl was waiting for us just like in the story and she was pointing towards something behind the statue. If ran to the stature and started finding for some button to press. I could hear Jodie saying that the enemy is climbing up the stairs. After fumbling with the statue or a few minute, i found a catch under his left foot, i pull on it and a small hole, big enough for one person appear before me. Me and Jodie quickly put our master in and close it.

Just seconds after the hole was shut, they emerge from the staircase. they sneer at us and told us we got no where to run. "We will keep you here and see that you 2 will have a slow death.... hahahhahaha" said one of the leaders. I know that my powers will not be enough to beat them. Suddenly, i saw something glinting from the corner of my eye, when I turn my head, I saw the knife flying towards Jodie and struck her belly. Before I got over my shock I felt a sharp pain on my left! when I look down, I saw that I have been stab too. They were laughing and enjoying the scene. I look over my shoulder towards Jodie and I told her "I won't let you suffer and i strangled her to death" then I look at them, curse them and slash myself to death.

"i hope the master will save them" Black out.

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

7:48 PM

Monday, September 19, 2011
One night as a Terrorist
I was driving in my car heading towards a building at the end of the road.there were only one house on the street and that's is where i'm heading. The house belongs to us and it is where we have our weekly meeting. I was the last person to arrive because all theirs cars were already park at the front gate. I step in the gate, got asked a few questions by one of the members guarding the gate to confirm my identity and then i head one to the top floor where the meeting was held.

There were only one large table in the middle and around it sat my team member. Kam tze, the president of the club indicated that i should take my seat beside Keong. As i walk towards my chair, i notice lip and kaki had a weird smirk on their face. My guess is that something big is going to happen. I was right. The president (Kamtze) announced that Friday will be Malaysia's independent day and that it will be our last chance to change how things work in Malaysia. It is the only day and it must be done on that day.

The plan was to enter the hall where the celebration was held and blow the bloody place up killing all the leaders and other big shot. the plan was simple, since it was a celebration, people are allowed to enters and join in so getting in will not be a problem. However, we need to get the bomb inside hall and plant it as close to the leaders as possible. Lip, Keong, Cheng Fei and Kamtze volunteered for the task of planting the bomb. I was assign to distract the crowd when the time comes so that nobody will notice them smuggling the bombs in. Others had their own part to play.

On the day of the celebration, I got a phone call from the president asking me to pick up a bag of Rm50 notes from the back alley and fling it in the air when the times comes.(I still dun understand why.. hahaha)As i station myself outside the building where the celebration was happening in the 3rd floor multipurpose hall, i watch as people gather to celebrate the independents day and felt pity that all this innocent people might die after tonight, for a few second, i regretted what i was about to do but everything is in place now. No time to turn back.

I checked the clock. 11.45pm. Why hasn't anybody signal me yet? Did something happen inside? I got worried and called Keong. he said that they were all inside but... *the line got cut off*...... that's was when i panicked.. I ran up the building and ran towards the hall with my mum and dad (I do not know how they got there and why they were with me)but the guards wouldn't let me in, they said it was too pack. then i started seeing people coming out from the hall, i thought it was all happening but is turn out those were the performers leaving.From inside the hall i could here people chanting the count down. "10, 9, 8, 7,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1"

Did we just failed? I started walking out of the building when the electricity went off. I somehow got the feeling that this was part of the plan. I urge my parents to step away from the hall. At the same moment, I heard one of the Malaysian leaders voice through the announcement speaker asking the guards to check every electrical supply box and get it repaired immediately and from somehwere behind me, i heard the guard shouting that they found the problem. I rush towards the guard just in time to see them prying open the electric room. there was already a guy inside trying to fix the machine with an odd metal ball. When the guards ask him what did he do, he told them all they needed to do is water the metal ball with water and it will all be back to normal. the guy then walk away from the electrical box. I caught a glimpse of his face and instantly recognized him as one of Kamtze guy. I rush into the box and drag my parents down 2 flight of stairs when a load explosion rock the building.I quickly rush out the exit.

We did it. We killed all of them but..... I haven heard from any of the members. Did they make it out??

The next thing i heard was my kakak's voice "Jacq!!! dah pukul berapa ni!!! masih tidur!!"

I guess i'll never know what happen to the rest of them.

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

8:26 AM

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